Corina Mitu

Corina Mitu: Marketing Consultant

I am a versatile marketer with a technical background, sales experience, an MBA degree, and a thirst for personal and professional growth. I am always looking at strategies, plans, and tactics with an eye toward integration: how to make all the pieces work together, how to more tightly collaborate, how to create synergies. I believe that to achieve great outcomes you need to select the right mix of digital and traditional channels and then deliver a consistent message across all channels so that each supports and reinforces the others.

After more than a decade of working in product and channel marketing in the high-tech industry in both the US and Europe, I decided it was time to start my own company. I’m in the starting phase of that project now. My aim is to create a thriving marketing consultancy or agency to help startups and small businesses clarify their marketing strategy, launch new products, and create integrated marketing campaigns that increase online visibility and brand awareness and generate business growth.

My focus since August has been on bringing this new business into being: crafting the strategy and creating a business plan, the website, and other branding elements. The work is both satisfying and exciting.

Photography by Daniel Garcia

Originally appeared in Issue 7.4 “Phase”

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