Content Meet-Up at PSH

On a breezy May evening, Silicon Valley’s creative community gathered at Park Station Hashery for casual networking and portfolio reviewing. Guests were able to sign up for 20-minute sessions with one of the eight portfolio reviewers. In between sessions, they mingled with each other and exchanged names and business cards. People moved between the outside patio and inside tables, flipping through portfolio books or huddling over laptops, all while sipping on drinks and munching on fries and salads. Cutfresh provided light mood music, and about 80 people stopped by the corner restaurant throughout the evening.

Sayuri Shinohara, a graphic designer, said the event was valuable because she didn’t have much experience putting together a portfolio, so it was nice to get feedback. Bernie Grijalva, who has been a photographer for over a decade, thinks Silicon Valley needs more events like the Content Meet-Up. Bernie explains that since many creators and entrepreneurs often work alone, getting a chance to just mingle and meet others—not necessarily in a formal networking setting—can be very beneficial.

Content Meet-Ups are free events fit for both emerging and experienced content creators offered a few times throughout the year.

Special thanks to the evening’s portfolio reviewers: Nicholas Adams (President of NINICO Communications), Mark Anthony Gamab (Senior UX Designer at KITE and Creative Director at Universal Grammar), Daniel Garcia (The Cultivator of Content Magazine), Daniel Hastings (Creative Director of V2), Philip Krayna (Senior Lecturer for San Jose State University Department of Design), Maggie Moore (Co-Founder and Designer of Curious & Co. Creative), Charlie Northend (VP of Strategy and Creative at R2integrated), David Ocampo (Principal of Milagro Marketing LLC), and Brandi Stansbury (Retail Marketing at Caliva).

Written by Haley Kim
Photography by Christina Olivas

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