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From the beginning, we envisioned not only a high quality print magazine that would feature the talented people of our area, but also a publication that would facilitate relationships and connections in our community.

We launched CONTENT in 2012 with a Pick-Up Party (at then newly opened San Pedro Square Market), and these parties have continued to be a part of the CONTENT community engagement plan. However, that was never the full extent of our vision. The plan has always been to further network, promote, and support the creative community of the South Bay with another party to showcase local makers and innovators with CONTENT LABS.

The goal of the LABS is to bring people together not merely to listen or to talk, or even to share their ideas, but to inspire and inform each other in practical and unique ways.

We believe that communities grow stronger as the people are connected with a common purpose and mission. The LABS are designed to promote action and develop new skills while being fun.

A key element of the LABS is to try something new, to learn a new talent or craft, from making a cocktail to casting an iron skillet.

The second element is to have an environment to share our work and portfolios with each other for feedback and refinement—from a business idea to a photographer’s portfolio. We will have open networking time with creative industry professionals to guide, discuss, and give feedback…all in an atmosphere of developing relationships and community.

By Daniel Garcia, 

The CONTENT Cultivator

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