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The magical, mysterious, and mystical reality of life is that the good and enjoyable existence is experienced through giving—not receiving and hoarding. Even our idea of success has been distorted by the appetite of our commercial world, but here, during the holiday season, we provide gift suggestions that allow you to serve and give on two levels: (1) These are all recommendations and items from locals, meaning you can benefit our local economy and community. (2) These items will give your friends and loved ones joy. We know this is not the only way you can support the local community and experience the joy of giving—perhaps, if you’re able, you can give to a local charity. But if you’re looking to put something in a stocking or under a tree, then here are some of our favorite ideas.

Sojourn Box features treats from several NorCal areas to give you a “virtual tour” of the style and “flavor” of each area. Currently, they have hand-picked boxes from Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, and our favorite, Silicon Valley.

It is actually hard to find one thing that we love from Redemption Boutique because there are so many locally and California-made items that we want to celebrate. However, this handcrafted razor and brush by Laws Finest is so beautiful in function and craftsmanship that we had to select it. Now it won’t be so difficult to find your dad that perfect gift!

Kaleid Gallery is a great place to find paintings, jewelry, and other creations by local artists. Items range in price so that anyone can launch into the world of art buying.

Rice, Noodle, Fish is part memoir and part travel guide by Matt Goulding, author of Eat This, Not That, as he eats his way through Japan’s food culture. We love this book not just because we love sushi, Japan, travel, and the photography but mainly because the creative director and designer of this book is a South Bay designer and founder of ANML Studio Doug Hughmanick. We are big fans of his work, and the digital magazine Roads & Kingdoms.

Roxanne’s Biscotti offers simply delicious treats. For a winter day’s snack with a nice cup of Chromatic Coffee, these will hit the spot for any sweet tooth you know. Personal favorite: butterscotch.

Photography by Daniel Garcia

Article originally appeared in Issue 7.5 “Serve”

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