Color Night Review

Content LAB - Color NightAs the sun set over Alum Rock Avenue, the evening’s guests began to arrive at the Mexican Heritage Plaza, ready for a night of color and local cuisine. The air was filled both with the aroma of wine and the mellow soulful beats of DJ Malcolm Lee of BAMN Squad. Before the evening’s talks got underway, guests mingled in the courtyard, chatting and sampling the many salad and pastries laid out so invitingly.

And then it was time to begin. After guests had found seats beneath the glow of courtyard lights, Daniel Garcia introduced the evening’s presenters. First up was Juan Sanchez, founder and creative director of Baunfire Ad Agency. Sanchez walked the crowd through some of the highlights of color theory. Working in advertising, Sanchez has firsthand experience of the impact of color on branding and consumer behavior. Colors like red, he explained, can be employed to stimulate excitement and spur spending, while yellow is often associated with joy and happiness and produces a warming effect. After Sanchez’s talk, the colors in the plaza itself seemed to take on a new significance.

The next journey into color came via the taste buds. Reena Williams of Kwench juice in Campbell whipped up some refreshing juice samples for guests to try as she demonstrated the process of juicing. Using a vibrant palette of strawberry, mint, and watermelon, she concocted a revitalizing Summer Refresher. Throughout her talk, Williams encouraged the participation of the crowd, plying them with humor and Kwench gift cards. The nutrition advice went down easy.

Content LAB - Color NightSipping the last of their juice, guests awaited the final presentation as volunteers passed out water cups, salt containers, and paint. And then watercolorist Frances Marin led a crash course on the art of watercolor painting. Building on this foundation in theory, guests painted two original pieces and a bookmark. Salt, rubbing alcohol, and cotton swabs had been provided to add texture and “color” to their work, and many took advantage of the materials. At the end of the night, guests took home their art in plastic sleeves to showcase the evening’s watercolor adventure.

Although the presentations had now come to an end, guests lingered for cocktails and conversation. Garcia spoke a few closing words, thanking everyone for coming out and thanking the School of Arts and Culture for providing the location. Guests left the plaza with color theory on their mind, nutritious food and drink in their bodies, and art in their hands.

Special thanks to our event partners: School of Arts and Culture, Morgan Hill Cellars, Santa Clara Wines, Lion Ranch Vineyards & Winery, BAMN Squad, Kwench, Baunfire, Kooltura Marketing, WebEnertia, Mach 7 Sound, and Redemption.

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Written by Nick Panoutsos

Photography by Scott MacDonald

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