Cilker School of Art & Design

The Fashion Design and Apparel Technology (FDAT) program at West Valley College is a two-year accredited career technical education program, established in 1985 by a group of industry professionals to fill the need for public education in the field of fashion. Recognized as a leader in fashion education, both locally and nationally, the program now offers two associate of science degrees and three certificates in design and production. The Cilker School of Art proudly presents the work of Fashion Design and Apparel Technology students at LAUNCH, a gala fashion show on Saturday, May 5, at the West Valley College Cilker School of Art and Design.

Briana Law

Briana is a proud mother and aspiring fashion designer with a passion for illustration, graphic design, and high fashion. She left retail to work on the creative side of the fashion industry.

Clarita Espinosa de los Monteros

Clarita moved from Mexico City to pursue her passion for fashion design. In 2012, she began her blog and YouTube channel, Fashion Riot, which now reaches nearly 600,000 subscribers.

Danielle Pham

A fashion designer born and raised in the Bay Area, Danielle’s aspirations began when she was a child playing dress-up in her mother’s closet and, later, reworking her own clothes for a personal flare.

Dina Hazzar

Dina holds a degree in software engineering, but she has an artisan’s soul. She is passionate about art, and her portfolio ranges from painting, decoupage, ceramics, and sculpture to jewelry and fashion design.

Emilie Zelek

Emilie is a lover of all things beautiful and romantic. As a designer, she will also pursue her other passion: helping those afflicted with substance abuse.

Erika Keating

Erika is a California-grown only child with a big personality and even bigger ambitions. She has a love for fabric and a love for music; together they complete the blue-haired girl.

Foroogh Marjani

Art has always been a part of Foroogh’s life. Since moving to America, Foroogh has won a Peninsula Wearable Arts Guild scholarship and participated in the fashion show. She works for a high-end menswear company.

Ilse Fuentes

Ilse has set herself apart in the beauty industry and is now transitioning her aesthetic talent into fashion. Her inquisitive mind seeks knowledge and education constantly.

Maria Flores

Inspired by her mother, who was a seamstress in Mexico, Maria has always had fashion in her life. She currently works as a costume designer and spends her time visiting art exhibitions.

Natalie Maharaj

Natalie was born and raised during apartheid in South Africa. She loves to travel and wants her designs to reflect her diversity and global experiences.

Natasha Khanna

Natasha is a full-time student working two jobs while interning for image consultant Alyce Parsons. Her dream is to have her own stylish and affordable brand.

Noor Kelani

Noor is a fashion student who loves revamping traditional styles into something new. She hopes to continue travelling the world and exploring more design disciplines.

Olga Tolochko

Inspired by Eastern European fashion, Olga has been creating her own garments since childhood. Fashion icons Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn were the inspiration for her latest collection.

Ricky Pham

Born and raised in California, Ricky is obsessed with Disneyland and hot summer days. He aspires to work in men’s fashion one day.

Trina Van

A dreamstress and sewing enthusiast of all colors and fabrics, Trina is a costume designer who has made over 100 costumes for herself and clients.

Vanessa Jimenez Granados

Vanessa creates custom-made denim kimonos. Her designs are inspired by traditional Japanese shibori dye techniques on all-natural fabrics.

Portrait photography by Daniel Garcia
Fashion photography by Paul Ferradas

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