Cayce Hill

Cayce Hill’s foodie passport is well traveled—as is she. From Texas to Mexico, Tokyo to New York City, and finally San Jose, Cayce’s passion for people, health, and food has been the driving force in her personal and professional life. She is now the executive director at Veggielution, a six-acre urban farm in East San Jose that strives to make organic food more accessible to the surrounding community. From her time as a hospital administrator in New York, Cayce understands that quality food completes the health equation. She uses this understanding in her role with Veggielution and seeks to achieve its mission to connect people through food and farming in order to build community. Cayce believes that the more human connections we have, the greater our physical and mental health. Veggielution should be a place for the community to gather, feel safe, and celebrate. The farm is where that passion for food, health, and people comes together for Cayce Hill.

“I love being with people. I love finding ways to connect to other people and food. And by way of food, agriculture is hands down one of the strongest connections we can have with others. Being close to the soil is a platform for conversations and relationships and connections with people that I find to be real special, real rewarding.”

647 South King Road
San Jose, CA 95116

Written by Francisco Alvarado
Photography by Daniel Garcia

This article originally appeared in Issue 9.5 “Profiles”

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