Cain Velasquez

With a neck comparable to a tree trunk, dark furrowed brows, and a tall, imposing stature, Cain Velasquez isn’t the person you want to mess with. Yet, even though he is a heavyweight fighting champion, Velasquez is calm, serious, and down to earth.

Velasquez, who was raised in Arizona, attended Arizona State University and graduated with a degree in Education. At Arizona State, he was quite the accomplished wrestler, winning the Pac-10 Conference Championship for two consecutive years (2005 and 2006) and named the Pac-10 Conference Wrestler of the Year in 2005. More spectacularly, he was named an NCAA Division I All-American athlete in 2005 and 2006. After college, though, he packed his bags and came to San Jose, an MMA Mecca. “It was finishing up college, packing up all my stuff and moving out here. I just knew how to wrestle. I was made for this. The whole journey,” said the six-foot-one-inch-tall fighter.

Velasquez is preparing for his highly anticipated battle against Brazilian heavyweight opponent Fabricio Werdum at UFC 188. The bout takes place on June 13th in Mexico City, which Velasquez feels confident about. “Anytime I’m down there, [there’s always] a lot of support from the Mexican crowd. I expect to give him a good fight. A lot of pressure, a lot of action. Everyone loves to see that type of action,” said Velasquez, who is of Mexican descent.

Velasquez says that he has been watching videos of Werdum and practicing hard. When asked if he is worried about injuries, he said, “We get injured, we get injured. We go in, we do our work, we beat each other up, we don’t have those thoughts in the back of our mind.”

UFC 188 will be available for purchase on Pay-Per-View.

Article by Haley Kim & Jeff Hares
Image by Stan Olszewski

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