C2SV 2014 launched last night, Sept 11th, to a considerably smaller crowd than last year’s event. However, let’s not confuse quantity with quality. True to the San Josean tradition, the quality of work presented goes underappreciated, under promoted, and under attended.

Hosted at Zer01’s Garage, Dan Pulcrano and his Metro Newspaper team brought Wired Article Editor Adam Rogers and investigative journalist Yasha Levine to discuss the effects and history of “booze” and the realities of online security.

The big question that continues to haunt my mind is, “Will Silicon Valley residents come out for thought-provoking discussions and dialogue about culturally relevant issues or only for beer and band?”

Fortunately, C2SV is seeking to provide a platform for both: the convergence of brains and bands.

I applaud Dan Pulcrano’s ongoing efforts to develop events and forums for our fine city and hope that you and others will come out to support and engage this weekend.
Details and Schedule at C2SV.com

Words and Images by Daniel Garcia


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