Bryan Kramer

Bryan Kramer is the CEO of PureMatter, an agency devoted to all things social media. His recent book Human to Human: #H2H explores the many facets of why and how communication today needs to be adjusted to keep up with our ever evolving and fast moving social and digital world. Content Magazine contributor Gillian Claus interviewed Kramer in 2012 for Issue 4.3 BRANDING.

What do you think of the term Silicon Valley?

I think we’re one of the most innovative places to live and when I see that the most is where I venture out of San Jose or California. I think where it’s challenging is that when you’re inside San Jose or inside Silicon Valley, it’s not really a term that anybody turns on or has a warm discussion over coffee.

San Jose is more of a creative hub than people realize. Three of the biggest world companies are here. Google, Apple, and Intel. The list goes on, but you look at the main power of the world’s superstars and they’re here in Silicon Valley. They’re not in China. They’re not in Wyoming. They’re here.

2013_11_13_EngageDotNext_022And how is the work of an agency evolving?

Agencies are starting to lose their identity because we’re not selling just an ad in a newspaper or something that’s creatively tangible. The smaller agencies with young talent, like San Jose State students, have the ability to create the skill sets needed to be able to serve the new media that’s coming out of Silicon Valley…from MadMen through the era and now we are in the new media era. It’s something that larger agencies in big cities like San Francisco are having a challenge with.

So does San Jose have an identity crisis?

We don’t have an identity crisis outside of San Jose. Everyone looks at San Jose and says wow they have their stuff together. They know how to innovate. In this new media era—they get it. Before the recession, we had already gone through that with the era and here we are in a new media era. Everyone just kind of goes with it. Because this area is so used to the ups and downs. It’s just a part of who we are.


It sounds like an exciting time to be in marketing.

I know—especially with what’s going on right now. I’m really excited. I am working on a book about how to create shifts in a multi-media enabled world that has so many options. How do you focus on the one or two that will make a bigger difference rather than the 20? Embrace that complexity that’s out there and accept it. Don’t be scared by it. Hone in on the one or two things that will make 180 degrees difference.

And how do you pick those?

You hire an agency.

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