Battledish Debuts In San Jose
logobattledishSan Jose has been entered in a national Battledish: a competition between chefs around the world.

San Pedro Square Market Chefs Compete Against Chefs from Across the Nation

Think of Battledish as a chance for the public to participate in a local, intimate, Top Chef. On Saturday, February 8, six San Pedro Square Market chefs will be entered in a culinary competition and will feature their most delicious creations for the public and judges. All guests will have a chance to sample each dish and cocktail and participate by voting for their favorites and helping their favorite San Jose chef bring home the crown.

San Jose, the birthplace of Dishcrawl, has recently been transformed by a culture focused on seeking out quality food and support for the local economy and community. Battledish complements this cultural outbreak, and Dishcrawl takes pride in supporting its hometown’s unique culinary scene.

Battledish is an international chef competition where chefs from around the world compete in your local city while the public votes to crown their favorite chef king/queen of Battledish. Battledish is a production of Dishcrawl, a startup focused on re-imagining the way people think about food, drink, and their community.

So far, the restaurants, chefs and menus include:

• Konjoe Burger Bar, Joey Camacho: Mary’s free-range crispy fried chicken with secret sauce and rub.

• Bray Butcher Block and Bistro, Josh Hanoka: pulled pork slider on Hawaiian bun with blue cheese bacon slaw

• Treatbot, Ryan and Christine Sebastian: trio of ice cream and cookies; their famous 408, orange-pineapple sorbet, and Rosie’s Date ice cream with almond waffle and cinnamon sugar cookies.

• On a Roll, Victor Le: pork meatballs with honey tamarind sauce and spring roll with housemade peanut sauce

• Loteria Taco Bar, Carlos Perez: tempura cod taco topped with pickled slaw and chipotle cream.

• SP2 Communal Bar and Restaurant, Kelvin Ott (Chef de Cuisine); Ryan Melchiano (owner): ginger soy glazed ribs with cabbage and bok choy slaw

• Drinks and cocktails by San Pedro Square Market’s Brian Rhett.

Saturday, February 8
2-6 p.m.
San Pedro Square Market

Joey Camacho, KonJoe Burger


Christine Sebastian, Treatbot



Victor Le, On A Roll


Josh Hanoka, Bray Butcher

Kelvin, Chef Sp2

Kelvin Ott, Chef Sp2


Carlos Perez, Loteria Taco


Brian Rhett, San Pedro Square Market Bar Manager


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