B Movie Bombs

Chris-BMovie_0027A guilty pleasure of countless moviegoers since the Golden Age of Hollywood, B movies can certainly be enjoyable on their own. Add a few friends, games, and prizes, and it is difficult not to have fun.

That is the idea behind B Movie Bombs. B movies—traditionally, low budget films of dubious artistic quality—are screened, and audience members are given a list of tropes and clichés referred to as “B Movie Bombs.” During the course of the film, the audience tries to catch examples of these “Bombs” to complete a bingo-style card. Shouting out plot holes and additional participation is highly encouraged.

Fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and The Rocky Horror Picture Show will love this quirky take on the interactive movie experience. In fact, the producer of B Movie Bombs, Nate Havoc, is also the driving force behind Camera Cinemas’ Rocky Horror night and cult movie series. His latest venture into the fringes of moviedom aims to shine a light on the fun that can be had when good people gather around a “bad” movie.

Chris-BMovie_0005webB Movie Bombs invade the Camera Cinemas monthly on Saturday nights. The next film being presented on March 28 stars Warwick Davis (known for playing Wicket in the Star Wars franchise and Flitwick/Griphook in the Harry Potter series) alongside Jennifer Aniston in her film debut. The film is Leprechaun, a campy horror film that spawned six sequels.

Other upcoming films include Missing in Action, Repo Man, Big Trouble in Little China, and, a true classic of the genre, 1959’s Plan 9 From Outer Space.

Monthly on Saturdays at 10pm
Camera 3 Cinemas
288 South Second St, San Jose, CA 95113

Enjoy $1 off tickets to the March 28 screening of Leprechaun by mentioning “Content Magazine” when purchasing tickets at the box office.

Written by Julia Canavese, Content Calendar Curator

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