April Gee

April Gee is a musician, a creator, a maker of art, and a supporter of artists. Her role in San Jose’s vibrant artistic community includes her Petite Galleria, where she has carefully curated a collection of handcrafted art from talented local makers. But perhaps her most dynamic contribution is through her music, which she creates and performs under the name Containher. “Music,” she says, “is about transcending and evolving and hoping to share a beautiful thing that all people can connect with.”

Her most recent album will be released in a series of music videos; the first of which, “The Seams,” is already completed. Her unique blend of indie-electro-pop paints a soundscape of haunting vocals that spark the imagination.

“The Seams” is truly a collaborative work, which reflects her vision for a more cohesive artistic community in San Jose. While Gee writes, performs, and produces her music herself, this project allowed her to direct alongside expert filmmaker Jeremiah Hutchins. The finished product showcases a wide variety of local talent, including dancing and choreography from The New Ballet School, sets by Asiel Design, and styling from Ming Schipper.

In addition to connecting artists from different disciplines, April wants to see more venues in which artists can congregate. “We need to make room for everyone to create. Having a consistent physical space will allow everyone to rise together,” she explains. As part of her mission to empower artists, April also wants to remind them to have fun. “We toil in our creative sectors, and there’s a bit of competitiveness, which is fine as long as we all realize that we’re all part of one family and that we can have fun together,” she says. “We should be driven by our wildest dreams. That’s the kind of city I want to live in.”

Video by David Perez
Synopsis by Kate Evans
Interview by Nicole Tindall
Photography by Daniel Garcia

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Watch Containher’s music video for “The Seams,” a single from her upcoming solo album.

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